Life As Art Inspired Creations

I believe that the gift of our lives is the canvas and how we live it is an art form.  In looking back I see how I have used each period of my life as a canvas in which to express creativity. Currently I am taking my passion for colour, beauty and form to a new level as I nurture my free spirit in a completely different way with the fabric art that you see here.  Inspired by nature around me, by color and by the beautiful batik fabric I work with I am excited to be expressing and sharing my work in this new and sometimes whimsical way.


Kathi Ryan, Artist

If you have any questions about my artwork or in general, please do reach out.

I began early with fabric, designing and making clothes, beadwork and embroidery through my teen years. This evolved into creating gorgeous biological gardens through my 20’s and 30’s where I got to play with color and texture that is alive while continuing to make and decorate beautiful clothing. Then, as a Nia Instructor, where endless creativity with the body is possible. Each of these periods in my life have enabled me to practice life as an artform through the simple act of living, seeing, giving, sensing, appreciating and expressing it creatively in all that I do.

Life As Art Inspired Creations

Kathi Ryan